EC&I 831 Learning Summary

Hello Everyone,

I had a great time in this class! It has been around eight years since I was able to take Alec’s class, and I enjoyed it as much this time as I have in the past. As someone who enjoys technology and utilizing it as an aid in the classroom to enhance learning, I find it rewarding to be around like-minded people. It gives me a chance to learn and grow in my own understanding and implementation. I was able to take many things away from this class.

To name a few here. Blooket is one that I have been using in my class since week one. The students love it, and I have been able to incorporate it as both a fun, competitive activity and an assessment in my classroom when teaching a new concept. TikTok is another app that was fun to hear from others in the class, like Curtis Norman (Twitter/blog), on how they are implementing it in their class for learning instead of a distraction. There is an ever-growing number of resources, so this list could go on forever, but for my last one, Desmos is another tool that has been added to my kit. Although previously thought of as only a graphing calculator, you can use it for check-ins and so much more in your classroom.

A bonus thing I have to mention is Virtual Vacation. Every second day I put on a new monument or city. The kids instantly come in and start speculating where it is, based on what they are seeing. After 10 minutes I take guesses, and then we talk about the place and some other things that the city would have to offer. I find it a great way to start the day and expand the horizon for students if traveling is ever something they want to do.

As you watch the video, I was fortunate enough to partner with Jocelyn Wigmore on her last class in her Master’s journey. As colleagues, teammates, and friends, I enjoyed working with Jocelyn on this as we could bounce ideas off each other and were able to do several takes because one of us laughed or stumbled through our part. You will see in the video we featured other colleagues such as Chris Brennan, Gillian Crocker, and others.

I hope you enjoy the video, and if you ever have the chance to take an Alec Couros class, I highly recommend you seize the opportunity!