EC&I 831

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Educator Introduction

Hello Everyone, My name is Durston McKenna. I currently reside in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. I have been an educator for seven years and am in my third year as Vice-Principal. I am interested in helping kids and teachers harness technology as an aid. In my classroom, you will see a differentiated approach to teaching that … Continue reading Educator Introduction

The Dragon

Three months ago, when I looked at “Realistifying” a student’s drawing, I had some high expectations for myself. As a fairly tech-savvy person, I thought I would be able to do 4 or 5 drawings and that it would look like a movie poster… Well, was I wrong! Although the overall Dragon did not turn … Continue reading The Dragon

Open Education

Looking through open education resources (oer) has shifted my perception of what an oer is. When looking through other blogs in this class, I was drawn to my colleague Leigh’s blog, specifically her post, November 20, 2021: Assessment & the Value of OERs. She wrote about the 5R’s, which talk about some of the fundamentals of open education. … Continue reading Open Education

Keeping up With the Kids

As someone who enjoys tech and fears being “the old teacher,” I try to stay up on what the students are using. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat were all around while I was in either high school or university, so they were easy to get on and use. As Discord rolled out, I grew up … Continue reading Keeping up With the Kids


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