Words Per Minute Challenge!

Earn Badges

The badges that you see listed here are ones that students will earn based on their typing ability. They should practice using proper typing techniques in their class and then have run a standardized typing test that you have in your class/school. The students will then earn the digital badge based on what they can prove to their teacher. Using the spreadsheet created using flippity.net each teacher will be able to track their students’ progress.

Copy of spreadsheet

Typing Practice
a) Typingme
b) TypingTrainer

Typing Games
a) typinggames
b) Nitrotype

Typing Test options
a) Classroom Recess
b) Typing Test
c) Keybr
–> Certification

These are to name a few. I know there is plenty out there. I am trying to keep it focused for the purposes of classroom use.

All badges were created in Canva altering a template