Texting or Learning?

Topic 6: Cell phones should be banned in the classroom.

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This is the new age question should we ban cell phones in the classroom? This is not as simple as yes or no. There is a real digital divide from class to class. Due to the lack of technology in some of the classrooms many of those students are missing out on some of the wonderful enhancers that come with being connected to the internet. Cell phones can potentially bring that experience to the classroom if the school division, school, or classroom lacks the technology to have laptops or tablets for their students.

I will remain split on this topic till the end of time. When I heard recently that Ontario banned cell phones provincial wide I found myself envious and shocked all in the same moment. When debating this topic one of my classmates Stephen Poll made a funny crack saying, “for teachers or students[?]…” Which does raise a valid point. I know there has always been the “why do teachers get it if we don’t” debate from students. However, why are teachers able to be poor role models with their cellphones and students can’t even bring them into the classroom/school. I do think about the amount of text messages I receive throughout the day and the anger people have if I don’t respond immediately while I’m at work. Yes, I do have my phone but the amount I use it is minimal as I want to be the role model for the students on how to moderate their screen time and control themselves. I can’t preach moderation if I myself can’t control myself. There are mostly likely teachers out there who abuse their phone in front of students and don’t allow students to have their cellphones in their classroom.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy week to read my blog. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Texting or Learning?

  1. I have 1:1 devices in my room… so I really don’t need cell phones. However, they do serve a purpose when we are making videos or doing a dissection (so students can document their findings for their lab). I don’t like having them out all of the time but they do help with many of my assignments. With all of these debates, I feel like everything comes in moderation and students should be learning screen management skills. I am guilty of having my phone out for work (and sometimes personal) reasons. Sometimes embracing something like a cellphone can make a huge difference rather than fighting them all of the time. I took two phones away today but they were being misused on the playground. Use my tech in my classroom and you’re good, but sometimes too much of a good thing isn’t good at all. Great thought-provoking post, Durston!


  2. The digital divide will always play a role. I also keep my own cellphone use to a minimum in the classroom as I feel I need to be a model of my rules. I allow students to use their phones as tools, when laptops are not working, or there are not enough for the entire class available. My students comply and typically only use them for that purpose. Today I took 3 phones away until the end of the day because they went to their lockers (in the classroom) and went on their phones. I can honestly say this is only the second time in the entire school year that I have had to take phones away. It is never 100% perfect but nothing is! I think it is based on your management and the students in your room. I had a difficult class last year and lots of cellphone issues with bullying so I did not allow them.


    • I agree with you!
      I always started the year with we won’t have cell phones in here unless we are using them for school use. If there is any reason you disagree at any point, let’s have a conversation about it. I told them when I have mine, it will only be for specific reasons, and I typically share with them what I am using it for when I am using it. There are times when using cell phones can be productive. Like Dalton, we had 1:1 Chromebooks, and I didn’t see a cellphone as more valuable than a Chromebook. Managing proper use of those was enough; I did not want to add an extra layer!


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