Another Day, Another App

Technology is a large part of my life and was an early interest of mine. I remember being young and the Doctor telling me that one-day gamers will have all the skills to be surgeons because everything will be through a computer. Although there are many years of school, along with an interest in biology to be a “gamer surgeon”, I just liked the idea of integrated technology in life. 

Whether I like it or not, technology is the first thing I use in the morning, and the last thing checked before bed. It has been for a while, and that is because my phone is now my alarm. I do not check my technology when I wake up; I will make it to work before I fully dive into a technology-filled day. Although I enjoy music in the mornings and rely on my Google assistant to tell me what the weather is looking like that day and tell me a joke or exciting fact before I leave in the morning.

Technology at work without involving the students is emails, communications, and data. It is not the things that necessarily thrill me about technology but necessary to be productive. I am always looking for new tools on Twitter or with colleagues with the students. I enjoy finding something new and then trying it out. There are always pros and cons, but it is incredible to have the students engaged and lead the exploration of a new application. Last week I heard on The Chey and Pav Show: Teachers Talking Teaching Episode 87. They talked about using Google Drawings and making Mosaic portraits linked to identity. However, I’ve used Google Drawing before and never used it in this light. The next time I was teaching the grade 3s/4s, it fits perfectly into our identity unit, so the students were currently in the process of making a mosaic. It was fun to explore with them, and when their curiosity peaked, I could give them tips and tricks to make it easier. 

Due to not being in a classroom full time in my role, I also enjoy sharing applications with teachers and encouraging them to explore with their students. I like this because I always get quick feedback from both the students and the teachers about the pros and cons. When I can get in there, they can teach me about it, even better! 

After school, technology runs a good part of my evening. Every day when I get home, I lay in bed for fifteen minutes and scroll through TikTok. Say what you want about TikTok, but I love it. It is the only social media app that makes me happy, and I don’t even interact with my friends on it. The algorithm gives me a small taste of everything I love: technology, gaming, woodworking, cooking, amazon products, and funny videos. I learn something on TikTok mostly every time I scroll through it. 

In the evenings, I usually wind my time downplaying games with friends. I have always enjoyed gaming because I am competitive. I do appreciate that it allows my friends and me to connect more frequently than we do in person. I stay in touch with family and have made some great friends online. Even if we are not playing the same game, sometimes it is just chatting through discord to stay connected rather than talking on the phone. 

Servers of interests, voice/video chats. Discord is an awesome application to stay in touch or find others with similar interests.

Technology has always been and will most likely remain a large portion of my life. I am always fascinated with the endless possibilities and the ease of access. I am looking forward to connecting with everyone throughout ECI830 this spring semester for some new ideas on utilizing technology to help keep the students engaged and curious learners. 

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this blog post. Hope you have a great week. I encourage you to take a risk with technology in your classroom this week and I guarantee the students will surprise you with their knowledge!

3 thoughts on “Another Day, Another App

  1. Durston! We meet once again. Like you, I have a dependence on technology for pretty much everything I do. I definitely think that I could be finding more of a balance, especially during the school year, but it has also made life a lot easier in so many ways. I look forward to another semester learning alongside you, and hearing all of the different perspectives from this Moose Jaw resident. 🙂


    • Kel! Another class, what is this #3 together. I know we are both tech-driven people and see it as an enhancer in the education system when utilized correctly. However, I look forward to another semester of getting your perspective and ideas on how to improve my practice regarding technology in my professional life! #Canva


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