The Semester is Over, but I’m Just Getting Started

As I said in a previous blog post, this winter semester was a blink of an eye and a journey all in four months. I had my sights set on starting a podcast and started drafting down some notes back in December after the fall semester ended. I knew that I wanted to have a space to chat with like-minded people about technology in education and education in general. Although it is part of my life daily, I do enjoy talking with other people to grow my understanding. I have felt isolated throughout the last two years of my professional life. It was tricky to know when I could see people or what their comfortability level was with ever-changing mandates. I was missing conversing with other educators at other schools, and the spark of “podcast” began in my mind.
At the beginning of this class, I thought it would be interesting to see if there was a way I could line up the podcast ambition with Alec’s expectations. After reading the syllabus and realizing it was possible, I was excited. Kelly and I began chatting about major learning projects and bounced some ideas around. It may be interesting to note that Kelly and I met in the 2022 Fall semester in ECI831. We had small communication with each other, but I would not say I was familiar with her. As the ideas started to flow, we got on the topic of a podcast and shared what I had wanted to do. As this seemed like a nerve-racking experience, I was excited when she appeared interested in co-hosting together.
I will not say that we are podcast experts, but we had fun recording our first podcast episode and reflecting on the rise of technology throughout the 90s and 2000s. From there, we reflected and adjusted on how to improve on the next episode. We knew we wanted to start bringing in guests to expand our conversation.
In the beginning, we talked about trying to reach 15-minute episodes. After our first recording, we realized that 15 minutes was an unreal expectation as we recorded 30 minutes without even thinking about it. All the nerves make you set the bar lower to accomplish the minimum. We soon found ourselves trying to set a max instead of a min.
This was a great experience throughout EC&I832. As the title suggests, though, I am not done with this passion project. I enjoy edtech and want to keep opportunities to engage in those conversations with people and hopefully give some listeners some tips or ideas on what they could bring into their classroom to support students in this plugged-in world.
I am looking forward to future guests and some ideas I have around mini-episodes where content will be focused just on tips in the classroom.

I appreciate the support and people taking their time out of their day to either read this blog and/or listen to episodes. Currently, #2 Chris Brennan has the most listens with 20! This is a higher number than I was expecting and I am excited to see where it goes so please stay tuned!

Tools and Resources Used

Something you need to know is I am a researcher—everything I buy or do, I research into the ground so I can weigh the pros and cons. I like to know the easiest way to do things and the hardest, so I can decide what is worth it: money vs. time. With that being said, I watched many YouTube videos before and found Think Media’s videos the most helpful to sort out my thoughts and make a plan.

I ordered a SamonQ2 microphone off amazon. I chose this microphone because I thought it gave me the best options for growth. It has a USB plug-in for your computer. It also has an XLR plug-in so that it could plug into more effective sound systems in the future. 

Kelly and I live in different cities, so to record remotely, we used Zencastr. I appreciated Zencastr’s ability to download everyone’s audio individually. It was easier to manipulate if I had to adjust volumes or take out unexpected sounds. My dog barking in the background was easy to remove without ruining Kelly or the guest’s content. Something else I found handy was the footnotes that you could make during the podcast in case you needed to come back. They were time-stamped and made editing a much easier process.

To edit and add music I used Adobe Audition. This is a paid application. I am sure there are ones that are similar if you looked into it but because I already utilize Adobe Create Cloud for Photoshop and Illustrator it made sense to learn how to use Audition.

For introduction music, I searched There were free sounds, and I just searched and listened for a vibe that I thought fit the podcast. For Potentially Education, I went with “The Cradle of Your Soul,” uploaded by lemonmusicstudio.

To manage and upload the episodes, I used Anchor. It is powered by Spotify and allows you to have two places to stream your episodes easily. I found it easy to upload audio, cover art, and upload it as I wanted or scheduled. 

Lastly, the cover art for the podcast. You can create one cover art and use it for the podcast and every episode. Or you can create separate cover art for each episode. I chose the ladder. I did not go intense on the design. I had a thought to have it look like old windows browsing as we are talking about new tech. I use Canva to make this happen. I believe I looked through the templates, found one that resembled what I wanted, and then messed around with fonts, colours, and words. I built a template to make it easy to change for each guest/episode. 

6 thoughts on “The Semester is Over, but I’m Just Getting Started

  1. Wow! Very impressive work on this Durston and Kelly! I’ll be honest that I have not listened to all you podcasts (yet) but I was so impressed with what I did listen to! And all the work that goes into preparing, doing the recording and all the editing is so incredible. Be proud of all you accomplished!


  2. Kudos on finding that passion and following it. I enjoyed following along and who knows? Maybe I will come back to this if I drop into the podcast scene. Equipment to programs to process, you’ve got it all covered. Cheers!


    • Thank you, Bart. I appreciate that. If you ever want to set up a podcast, reach out. I can give you the limited knowledge I have and some things I would have set up differently from the beginning.


  3. There was nothing but amazing about this project, both you and Kelly took learning to a whole new level. The commitment you made to ensuring its success (tools needed to be purchased, various apps and platforms required) and being able to work with another classmate in a different city I am sure was no easy task when it came to working out the kinks. This was impressive and I am happy that it is not the end for you in this area.


  4. Great work you two, you should be proud. Thanks for this comprehensive look at how you put everything together. I’m curious what both of your plans are to continue this podcast? Will it continue to grow, will it be taken on by one or both? What are your ideas for reaching a larger audience, if you wish to do so?


    • Thank you!
      I can not speak for Kelly, but I will be continuing the podcast beyond this class. I enjoy doing it, and I believe I have enough guests lined up to get me to summer that I am excited about!
      In terms of growing it, I think I am looking for more of an organic following. If it does reach a point where I’d like to grow it, I would try and push for more re-tweets on Twitter to gain a larger audience. I have also heard on other podcasts that are beginning to find a larger audience will promote a smaller podcast. That is another avenue I could try as well.


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