#2 Chris Brennan

Welcome back or for the first time to Potentially Educational. Kelly Ziegler and I are excited to be posting our second episode for everyone to enjoy. I hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording.

Today we are joined by Chris Brennan! In my previous blog post, I said I would make sure we had an introduction for our guests, and you will hear that to start this off. As you will hear in the introduction, Chris is not a part of ECI832 with us this semester. However, Chris and I go way back to high school. We played football together as a member of the Central Collegiate Cyclones. After high school, I would often see Chris at the University of Regina and ended up building a relationship with Chris over the last 12 years. Kelly has not been as lucky to know Chris as long as I have, but we were all fortunate enough to take ECI831 together in the fall semester of 2021.

Chris is currently taking ECI834 during the winter semester here. I enjoyed interviewing him for this episode because he is focused on other areas of Edtech this semester. Check out his blog to dive deeper into his semester. As last time we had six guiding questions and then went with the flow based on the conversation.

We covered various topics from his relationship with technology, how he utilizes it in his class daily, and his thoughts on Google Classroom vs. Moodle. I feel like we could have chatted for an hour longer and dove deeper into some topics, this was a fun episode to do, and I hope you enjoy it. I may be looking to bring Chris back in the future for a part 2! 

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post and listen to the podcast. It is very appreciated!

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