Think Tank with Kelly

Hello Everyone,

Today’s blog post may seem a bit scrambled in thoughts, and that is because it is.

This semester I am looking to join forces with my colleague Kelly Ziegler (Twitter/blog). She captured our conversation and initial thoughts into a beautiful blog post.

Our assignment is to choose from 4 options and take an in-depth look at the selected section. There are four very intriguing options. When I was looking through them, two caught my attention. After speaking with Kelly, we think we have a plan of attack to combine two of the options for maximum benefit in our learning and understanding and, hopefully, our colleagues. Below are the two options we are going to join. These are taken from our ECI832 syllabus.

Option 1: Development of a curriculum-supported digital citizenship/literacy resource: Students selecting this option will investigate and develop curricular connections that support the integration of digital citizenship and digital literacy competencies. Students should develop a comprehensive digital citizenship/literacy resource that includes a scope and sequence for a grade (elementary) or subject area (secondary).

Option 4: Student-designed project: Students are welcome to propose an alternate project, subject to instructor approval. Students-designed projects should entail an equivalent amount of work and should be directly related to some aspect of digital citizenship or media literacy.”

Looking at these two options Kelly and I were able to talk through several angles that we may want to take. We were able to come a few ideas that we are still tweaking to make sure we don’t bite off more than we can chew.

Idea 1 –> We are going to co-host a podcast that will look to incorporate the knowledge and understandings of stakeholders (teachers, students, and parents) around digital citizenship and digital literacy. This interview-style podcast will allow us to learn and expand our knowledge. We will keep open-ended questions to allow the guests’ knowledge and understanding to guide the conversation.

Idea 2 –> This is a reflection based on our conversations in the podcast. We will be able to reflect on our knowledge and our guests’ knowledge and create something that may aid teachers in how to utilize technology in their classrooms.

As I said at the start, these may seem like scrambled thoughts, and that is because they are. Kelly and I continue to talk to filter out some of our ideas and get to a more concrete idea. Our main goal is to create something that will help the students become better digital citizens and support teachers in their journey to understanding their role in that journey.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this!

Stay tuned,
Durston McKenna

2 thoughts on “Think Tank with Kelly

  1. Durston, you beautifully summarized our project. I am excited to get the ball rolling and to see what we come up with. I am also really looking forward to learning some new tech tips, tricks and different applications and tools. I haven’t done a podcast before, let alone be a guest, so I am nervous but excited all at the same time. Cheers to the start of something pretty neat! Looking forward to working with you and learning all of the things!


  2. I like the idea of developing a curriculum-supported digital citizenship/literacy resource. I am looking forward to viewing and possibly using this resource as I continually seek ways to improve my technological worldview.


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