Educator Introduction

Hello Everyone,

My name is Durston McKenna. I currently reside in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. I have been an educator for seven years and am in my third year as Vice-Principal. I am interested in helping kids and teachers harness technology as an aid. In my classroom, you will see a differentiated approach to teaching that incorporates the student’s voices to support struggling students and enrich learning for those who have a deeper understanding.

Outside of school hours will find me coaching volleyball, basketball, and track and field throughout the year. Aside from that, I love getting students interested in coding with our tech club and competing with them in our Esports club. I strongly believe in extracurricular activities to help students feel part of a community and promote a healthy and fulfilled life.

Along with an interest in technology I enjoy connecting with other educators and discussing anything education. I would love to connect with you so please feel free to reach out via Twitter or Email.

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