Is Social Activism Worth it?

This is a blog post I did struggle to write. Personally, social activism is not something that I partake in. I believe in things and would like to take a stand, but the thought of “The Internet Is Written in Ink, Not Pencil” does scare me. I want to get on social media to enjoy what I see and catch up with others. Even with that, I have muted people on my “friends list” who partake in controversial social activism. I believe in freedom of speech. However, I believe that I also have the right to take in what I would like on my social media. After a long day, I do not want to see my friend debating their knowledge on a hot topic in the news.

All that being said, my views have shifted slightly. I have realized that not every act of activism has to be on a large scale. An example of this would be the NeverSeconds movement by Martha Payne, a nine-year-old girl in Scotland who was not satisfied with her lunches. She used her blog as an outlet to get her message out. She was able to see change due to her blog, and I like seeing that outlet of activism. However, my partner has told me that it seems I’m fine with activism as long as it doesn’t make me uncomfortable, which could be true. After a deeper look, it’s not that the subject makes me uncomfortable. It is just that I would not put my thoughts “in ink” online at the risk of being viewed negatively by the public or an employer.

I do appreciate the idea that people who feel alone in their fight can turn to the internet to feel as if they are not alone. I think positive change has happened due to social activism, so I think there is a place for it in the world. I just know my views need to shift to see the good and not just the debates on my social media.

ten facts about social activism

I’m sorry this is a spotty blog post. As I said, this was a blog post I did struggle to write with many conflicting thoughts within my own head

Thank you for reading! I hope you have a great week!

3 thoughts on “Is Social Activism Worth it?

  1. I really liked your viewpoint on how people that feel alone have support and can find comfort in that. In a way the opposite can happen too. They can come across attacks from people on a grander scale too. So many pros and cons that can come with social activism. But like you said, we need to find the good in it rather than the negative.

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  2. I think it has a lot to do with the level of comfortability we have with social media. Social activism and social justice NEEDS to make people feel uncomfortable, as it always has. That uncomfortable feeling is what sparks change. However, I agree with you that we should be made comfortable in how social activism and justice are portrayed, and I completely agree with your apprehensions about posting online. I do not post hot topics or controversial posts on social media either – perhaps it is something I should do more of in the future, but like you, the thought of pencil vs ink really hits home when we look at the big picture. It is so easy to become completely absorbed by social activism and lose touch on reality (which is why I have also muted some acquaintances on social media).

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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