Step in the Right Direction?

Hello Everyone,
Thank you for checking in with my blog and I hope you are having a great week!

Welcome back to the journey that is me learning Photoshop! After many hours of messing around with the tools and ever-growing features photoshop has to offer, I created something that I was excited about. I want to warn you I was not excited because it was good, but because it was a step in the correct direction for my end goal: to “Realistify” a kid’s drawing.
I also showed the awesome dragon a student drew for me to try and realistify in Photoshop at 4:02. I told him that I could butcher it, but I will do my best!

The real question is does anyone like the sound of their own voice in videos!?

Stay tuned for a list of videos and tools that I have been using through this journey to help me improve!

5 thoughts on “Step in the Right Direction?

  1. Very cool, Durston! I liked the use of shadows, details of the light shading, and ghosts for Halloween that were added. Curious are you using a touch screen when you mention the use of pen skills?

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    1. No sorry for the misdirection James. I am just talking about the pen tool in the Photoshop app. In every video, I watch they always talk about the touchpads and how they are easier. I am just not at that level, if there is a level you need to be at for that $50 commitment to it. They are interesting and I did put it on my secret Santa wish list as something I would never buy myself.

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  2. I might have missed a step in your photoshop journey as I was checking in on others but I love this idea you have of creating a video to literally show and tell us about your journey! I don’t know about others but I would much rather watch a video of someone showing me what they mean than make them have to explain it especially when you have so many steps involved! Are you adding these to a youtube channel? I think all the learning you are doing would be so helpful for others who set out to do the same!

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  3. Okay! For one, I love how you used a video to showcase your work and to turn a more traditional blog post on its head! I really liked that you used a different approach to showcasing your work. I appreciated how you walked us through what you were doing and why it mattered. For some of us that don’t have a lot of background in animation, or digital photoshop, etc. I really appreciated knowing what was happening. I look forward to seeing more of your work!

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