Give the People What They Want

Although it was only five responses. I wanted to leave it in other people’s hands. I would have thoroughly enjoyed learning any of these five skills. The results are in… *drumroll*

Forms response chart. Question title: What should I learn. Number of responses: 5 responses.

60% voted for me to learn photoshop and “realistify” drawings or things! I am excited about this. The videos I shared in my previous post from Benny Productions did inspire me to explore this option. Another interesting thing about Benny is that he is a 19-year-old kid from the Netherlands who has exploded on YouTube in the last year. He said he had always been creating but was able to turn his hobby into a career, which I find amazing about the internet.

where am i now?

Since the vote, I thought it would be vital for me to learn some of the ins and outs of Photoshop. However, I do use Adobe Illustrator causally for a side hustle of mine. I am by no means a professional or proficient at it. I learned very quickly that Illustrator to Photoshop, although made by Adobe, function differently even to navigate around. This will take some getting used to.

The last week I have spent time following along with tutorials closely to learn some skills and get more proficient at things that I have seen in Benny’s videos that make things come to life. Skills like illuminating, shading, and overall colour in the photos. Below are some of my creations with the linked videos that I followed.

I hope by next update I will have followed along with more tutorials and become a little I hope by the next update, I will have followed along with more tutorials and become a little more comfortable navigating through Photoshop tools and all the layers I am creating. There are some tutorials around warping and exposure shading that I will need to dive into if I want to make a drawing realistic.

I have a few students at school that create drawings of scary and creative monsters. They build them almost like Pokémon. They have great details, and they outline the strengths and weaknesses of their creations. It would be cool if I could incorporate those into the final product as well.

I look forward to continuing this journey and sharing my creations with you!

11 thoughts on “Give the People What They Want

  1. This looks so amazing! I like how you are using your creativity mixed with your love for technology. This instantly reminded me of those great Pinterest posts with the people asking photoshop editors to edit out something, and they end up doing exactly what they ask for (even though it was totally not what they actually thought they wanted). I really like how you are using the knowledge of your kiddos to help you with this project. This is such a unique project! I am super excited to be able to follow along.


  2. I am sad to say I did not see the post following the change from the Podcast idea and completely missed my chance to vote! This sounds like fun though and I am certain you will find some good use for this skill set. I often have vision but not all the tools to do it so I may just have to ‘suggest’ some project ideas for you. 🙂
    I look forward to seeing what you come up with next!!


  3. Big Durst!! I am loving the idea and the photos have looked amazing! Just a thought, but I think it would be really cool to possibly have a screen cast of of some of your external process as you work through things on the program. And that may take time to get there, but I really like your idea and I am excited to see mroe of your designs!


    • CB, you read my mind!
      I am using OBS to show the process. However, I am moving so slow at this point while following along with Youtube. It would be a painful 3-hour video even with it sped up!

      Standby though, it is coming soon!


  4. Ok I remember voting for something but I think it was for the podcast! Or maybe it was a dream that I did that…either way your project will be great! I always edit my pictures before posting or using for a lesson and I hope that you can share some cool tips and tricks after you learn about photoshop. Did you have to subscribe to Adobe as a whole program or can you use Photoshop through your school division? Looking forward to learning about this!


    • I had to undergo the subscription fee myself, which is fine because I see it as fun to learn and “a hobby”! I have been trying to collect resources to share on a blog post with everyone. Luckily for us as teachers, I am finding resources that can teach skills of Photoshop online without a subscription. I can also share some alternatives to photoshop that I have come across as well!


  5. I am sad that I didn’t see the original post to vote for your project! I definitely would have left a comment for sure. However, I think I would have chose photoshop anyways! I am very intrigued by the artistry that is photoshop. Although there can be many negatives that photoshop can have on self-esteem and body image, the creatively that it also allows is truly amazing. I look forward to seeing your skills improve over the course of the semester.


    • I agree with you about photo editing or modifying being used to create an unrealistic expectation for young people of “the perfect body.” Photoshop is in a way like Google, where the name of the application has become a verb. Unfortunately, many of the quick editing apps young people use to modify their pictures to feel good about themselves on social media have been linked to Photoshop. A positive way I’d like to see students use Photoshop would be to create a realistic representation of their goals in life. An example would be photoshopping themselves in front of a building or place they’d like to visit. Then later in life, it would be an exciting challenge to see if they could re-create that picture.


  6. I am glad that you are choosing something that lets you exercise your creativity but is also helpful to you as well! I know a few years ago a friend of mine who teaches Pre-K was suddenly moved onto Adobe Illustrator for her Pre-K portfolios and was REALLY stressed about it! I think of her as a very proficient and skilled teacher (who is also a photographer) and she found Illustrator so difficult to utilize! So I feel very confident that if you have that mastered for a side hustle photoshop won’t be too difficult for you!
    I am excited to see what you create – I hope you share your creations in a digital portfolio of some sort!


    • Thank you for your kind words!
      I’m wondering if she may find Adobe InDesign more effective for her Pre-K portfolios?! Last year in an attempt to save money, we created our yearbook using it. Although it was a lot of work, the customization and bringing in outside photos was easy once we made a class template.


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