What skill should I learn?

As I think about what skill I would like to learn and share my journey, I have many ideas. I have four thoughts around this that I would like to share and get your opinion about. The most important thing for me when choosing is to enjoy learning it. There are many things out there that I have wanted to do, but time has always passed by, and I haven’t for some reason. I want to take this class/assignment as an opportunity to achieve one of these finally.

First: Photoshop “Realistify-ing”
I have minimal experience with Photoshop. I have messed around with a few things in the past 20 months throughout Covid. Nothing good at all, and just following tutorials. However, I ran across this Youtube Benny Productions. He takes drawings and turns them into a realistic type of creation on Photoshop. My first thought would be to have a student in my school draw a picture of a character, and I would try to “realistify” it. 

Benny Productions –> Photoshopping YOUR Drawings! | Realistified! S1E3

Photoshopping YOUR Drawings Again! | Realistified! S1E2

Second: Create a Videogame
As a millennial that grew up playing video games and still finds them as a way to unwind after stressful weeks, this has always been a dream. Create a video game. This past weekend I spent several hours running through tutorials and was able to get the main character to move with different animations. This is a more significant undertaking, but it is something that I enjoy learning about. This one involves several steps. I would need to learn how to use the program, the coding language, and creating sprites. When it comes to this, I would need to create a small goal to have a functional world that I could have an objective and complete it in the game. I still have to do some thinking around this, but I would love your thoughts!

My attempt at a sprite
My attempt at code to make player move

Third: Podcast
This thought is right in the title, a podcast. For this project, I would look to split some of the learning with another classmate Chris Brennan. After researching how much goes into a podcast, I thought it would be good to bring in a partner. 
–> A name
–> Topics for discussion
–> Planning
–> Scripts
–> Recording
–> Editing
–> Creating theme music
–> Adding music

Fourth: Visual Effects/Rendering Software
My fourth and final thought is difficult to describe because the program has various functions that I could explore. The easiest way to describe it without looking too much into it is to create something and add real-world materials and render it as if it was real. The free program I would use is Blender. I followed along with a tutorial for around 3 hours and created the very early resemblance of a doughnut. There are many other functions, as I said earlier, that I would explore. One function that would interest me is rendering a remodel for my house. This would take some exploration.

Early stages of creating a doughnut
This could be the final product rendered with many more hours!

As I said at the beginning I am curious to know what your thoughts are. Would you please take a second to fill out a survey to help me decide? –> Survey

5 thoughts on “What skill should I learn?

  1. Durston! Wow, you have so many amazing techy ideas. I voted for a video game. I think the idea of a podcast is a good one, although if you’re on the edge with it, maybe hold off as there are many other people in our class that are going to embark on one. I like the idea of the graphics too, but for some reason, I think the video game thing is so creative and I can’t begin to wrap my brain around how to make one. So watching your journey would be amazing. But before you choose one, choose the one skill you think you will use the most and that has the most applications in your real life. All of them sound super creative, and I am really excited to watch you create, as well as your journey through the evolution of your project. I am very excited! You seem to have many many many great ideas about techy things! I also am going to look to you for advice on the old Cricut project. Happy deciding!


  2. I love so many of these ideas and can see you pursuing a few of these on your own time. I really like the first one though. I think you would come up with some pretty neat pictures. I do agree with the above comment. A video game would be pretty cool too. I think you would find enjoyment in both pieces. Looking forward to following along.


  3. Durston I love these ideas! We seem to be on the same wavelength, because I’d love to vote for all four. If I had to pick one, I’d likely pick Visual Effects/Rendering Software. Although I have never used it personally, I have heard great things about Blender. I have seen absolutely incredible and realistic models be created, often with stunning renderings.

    As a possible addition/another avenue, I might suggest Fusion 360. I teach drafting at our school and although I am farrrrrrrrr from an expert, I have become proficient enough to be able to 3D model moderately complicated designs, and use the tools already incorporated within the program to render specific scenes. The process is quite similar to Blender, but Fusion likely will have more of an industrial feel (I don’t know how else to describe it.) It is also free for hobbyists, and your school division may have a license for Autodesk (the manufacturer) products already. If you need any tips in that regard, feel free to reach out! Good luck with what ever you decide!


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